Monday, September 10, 2012

1.5 - Puppy Power!

Emma does not return to the house for quite awhile, so Simon busies himself with more small chores. Setting up a food dish for little Cupid, and pulling out some old pillows for him to sleep on.

Little does Simon realize these are designer silk cushions Emma had gotten as wedding presents... (She's going to freak)

Then Simon does what he always does, he starts to worry and stress out.

"Should I call the police? Has she run away from home? Did aliens abduct her??"

As predicted, there was quite a blowup (at least on Simon's part) when Emma arrives back home to find Simon already there pacing around outside, waiting for her. She's really getting tired of his excessive worrying.

"I don't care about the Parrott's marital drama Emma, you should not have been out running around with a head injury!"

Now if you thought Emma was really going to tell him off at this point, you thought wrong. Apparently Emma's been given a secret 'shine off' trait which allows her to completely ignore Simon's rantings. She simply walked away ignoring him. Which flusters him into silence (he's not really mean, just a neurotic worrier!).

She goes inside to eat some cold leftovers out of their crappy frig for dinner, not even in the mood to cook.

"Maybe this was a mistake coming here. Simon is way too stressed out all the time!"

Determined not to let Simon see her upset, she goes upstairs to change out of her grubby gardening clothes and take a much needed bath. She still feels a little tired and run down, but isn't about to let Simon see it and confirm his concerns. He might be right, she probably just over exerted herself. She totally misses the dark little ball of fur curled up on one of her most expensive antique Persian rugs ...

Awww! He's perfectly camouflaged with the rug!

After her bath, Emma goes downstairs and finds Simon reading a book out on their tiny back porch. He is trying hard to ignore her right back. Both of them are just glaring silently.

And that's when Emma meets Cupid.

"And who is this little furball Simon? We can't even afford a sofa but you get a dog?"

Simon informs her, while keeping his nose in his book, that this is "Cupid" and he was free, from one of his veterinary clients. Emma knows she doesn't really have a lot of ground  for objections right now, so she bites her tongue against anymore choice criticisms - especially when she sees her expensive cushions and rug are being used by the puppy when she goes inside to feed him!

She makes some kissy-face noises at the puppy, who immediately wags his tiny tail and barks at her playfully.

"Grrr... yap yap! You suddenly feel cuteness overload coming on Lady!"

And that's all it took. Emma's annoyance with Simon melts away and she is immediately in love with Cupid.

Puppy Power to the rescue!

True to his name, Cupid manages to shoot heart arrows back into both Simon and Emma. Their uneasy truce for the rest of the evening ends with a steamy shower woohoo make up session.

"Forget the dirty dishes, I've captured you in my tiny shower prison!"

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Just a shorty update since the last chapter was so long and we're moving into the best phase next: BABIES!

Emma and Simon are really challenging because they go from bickering one minute, to mad woohooing the next. I guess they really are crazy newlyweds!

I have some of the most beautiful CC rugs and cushions (see link below). Just had to use them since according to the rules, this first generation cannot buy ANY new furniture other than what comes in the house from the basic list of "Going Green" ... so I incorporated the rugs/cushions in as prior expensive buys on Emma's part, of which Simon has no clue their true value. haha! Their tiny living room is so bare, I figured sitting on cushions on the floor would suffice. 

CC: You can find the most gorgeous retro, vintage, antique custom content here:   Bau5 is a master creator. Truly. Enjoy!


  1. I'm sad that the cushions are not actual pet beds, lol.
    Bring on the babies!

    1. Yes, they are sadly just decor floor cushions. I'm sure someone out there has a modded pet bed to look like a cushion. Maybe I should search for one!

      It's also annoying sims won't sit on the floor (unless meditating or a kid doing homework) because the cushions are going to waste in that empty living room I can't buy any furniture for - but the sofa issue will one day blow up for Emma, I'm sure! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, Cupid is so precious! :D If you go to Ace Creators ( they have a pet bed that looks like a cushion.
    I'm excited for babies!

    1. Oh wow, THANKS for that link Alona! Just when I think I can't find MORE great CC, someone always comes up with a new site full of it. *drooling over the vintage swimwear* ... yay!!

    2. I downloaded the doggy bed that looks like a cushion - it will make an appearance in a future chapter as Emma should gently encourage Cupid to sleep on something other than her expensive silk designer cushions. ;)

  3. Adorable puppy!! I wish sims would sit on the floor too, even though I could techically buy the Kahekili's some furniture, they are too broke to buy any furniture! :P

  4. Yay, babies!

    You cannot resist the power of cute, Emma. Don't even try.