Monday, September 10, 2012

1.6 - Baby Bumps

Waking up early again after a good long night's sleep, Emma starts the day out feeling a little light headed. She can't believe a simple concussion would last this long ... so she sits on the edge of the bed until things stop spinning.

"Good thing Simon's still asleep, I don't want him thinking anything's wrong."

She goes downstairs to make some pancakes for breakfast and let the little fur-ball puppy outside.

"Hey I'm getting pretty good at flippin' the flapjacks!"

Then she looks around and realizes they never cleaned up the dishes last night and the kitchen is pretty grungy, so she decides a good cleaning is in order.

"Ugh, stinky dirty dishes and sink..."

The sink gets scrubbed ...

"What IS this gunk in the drain?"

And she scrubs her teeth because her mouth feels like its full of carpet.

"I am really not feeling very good at all ...

Well, something about mixing brushing one's teeth with smelling stinky dishes makes Emma suddenly feel very nauseated.

"Arrrgh what is this nasty smell that is making me feel sick!"

And rapidly running for the toilet to hurl up her pancakes ...


Oddly, she feels a lot better after throwing up, and gets dressed to head outside and tend her garden, which has been sadly neglected for the past few days.

"How can weeds grow so much faster than the vegetables?!"

A little vigorous gardening, and some fresh air seems to do Emma a lot of good, at first ...

"Ahhh... the country air here is so refreshing!"

But then, she realizes the fresh country air has its own hazards ...

"Oh blargh, what is that horrible smell ... is that, cow manure? I think... I am going to be sick again!"

Emma manages to hold this one back without barfing into her tomato plants, but now she's suddenly got a funny feeling this isn't about a bump on the head, but another kind of bump entirely!!

"Could this be what I think it might be? ... I better get a test done while Simon's out at work."

She decides to get ready and go into town and find out right away, but not before rushing to the toilet again!

Simon's up now and knocking on the door, asking if she's doing ok, so she manages to hold it in ...

"I'm fine Simon, just clogged up the toilet, I'll take care of it!"

And uses the now clogged up toilet as an excuse to stay in the bathroom. 

" - worst thing ever to have to unclog the toilet after you just threw up in it!"

Simon-the-oblivious takes off for work after tending to the pup a little bit. He's pretty excited about today as he gets to do some zoological field studies. His boss has also suggested he learn to fish as its going to help with his career development at the science center.

Pedaling away, completely ignorant to just how much his life is about to change!

When Simon is working with animals, its one of the few times in his life he is calm and not stressing out about something. Animals really seem to bring out the best in Simon, and in turn, he seems to get them to naturally trust him.

He starts out with something small and easy ... a beautiful red male Cardinal, that hops right on his arm!

"There's a pretty little bird, easy now!"

He studies the colorful bird closely and gains its trust enough to let him touch it gently.

"Ah look at your beautiful red plumage, you're a fully mature little male and very healthy!"

The Cardinal even hops on his shoulder for a few moments before flying off happily. Simon makes his report and decides to move on to more difficult wild animals.

"I like you crazy human. I will poop on your shoulder to show you how much!"

He heads out to a well known fishing spot at the base of a lovely waterfall that all the locals say is a great 'make out' spot for dates. (Gee they don't have much excitement around here do they!)

Simon tries his hand at fishing, since his boss said it was needed for work, and the fish he caught could fertilize the garden too.

"This is so beautiful, I should bring Emma out here to fish too, she needs fish for the garden and cooking."

Then he gets a rare treat, a hawk has landed nearby, and allows Simon to examine it closely. Another good zoological observation report is made.

"Hmm, by the looks of your markings, you're a Red-tailed Hawk!"

Simon's got enough data for one day, and heads to work to make his reports and finish out the rest of the day in the lab.

His absence from the shared science / med lab has given Emma just enough chance to visit the walk-in clinic and slip out again before he arrives and runs into her by chance.

She cleans up the breakfast dishes, and plays with Cupid, waiting impatiently for a call from the clinic, and for Simon to come home that evening.

"Do you like pancakes you little fuzz bucket? Want to lick the plate clean?"

Finally, Emma gets the word she's been waiting for (along with the magical clothing change)

... She's expecting a baby!!

"I can't wait to tell Simon!" (Pink and green maternity wear Emma? WE thought you had refined tastes!)

Of course, Simon would be really late that day, coming home well after dark and missing supper too. But Emma corners him in the kitchen as he eats leftovers and gives him the news.

"Simon, I got some really BIG news today ... we're going to have a baby!"

Simon is appropriately shocked (and happy too, Emma hopes) ...

(Simon where did you get that goofy motorcycle jacket? You must be trying to keep up with Emma now)

Simon just grabs Emma and holds her in a tight hug. Sure he's happy, but he doesn't want her to see him suddenly starting to have a slight panic attack too.

Simon thinks "How are we going to make it adding a baby onto our budget... "

In this case, Simon's fears are actually well founded. They've only recently moved to Appaloosa Plains and his job is way at the very bottom of the scientific career ladder. In fact, he can't even reach the first rung yet! They are existing on dried noodles and pancake mix! Emma's garden still has a ways to go before its producing anything they can eat or sell and their first bills will be coming in any day. 

They sit out on their tiny porch that evening and have a heart to heart talk about becoming parents and how to make this all work out, somehow ...

"Don't worry so much Simon, we'll figure it out and babies don't really need a lot of stuff, at first anyways!"

They talk about how to keep things on a strict budget and Emma reiterates she understands there's to be no buying of anything other than a bed for the baby. She'll even do without the sofa she wants!

But as positive as Emma's been this whole time, she's nowhere near prepared for the next words that come out of Simon's mouth ...

"Emma, I know this is a really big time in our lives, adding a child and becoming a family. But if we can't afford to feed it or pay our bills, you might have to go stay with your parents awhile until I get some money coming in..."

The overly practical Simon, breaking poor Emma's heart. She can't believe he would just send her away so casually! Suddenly she starts to think their relationship is not as strong as she had once believed. Maybe it was just the stress of his new job, combined with their lack of money, but Simon's quite serious and Emma isn't sure she likes it one bit.

Things were definitely going to get worse before they got better.

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  1. O_O Bad Simon *Smacks him*

    Why are guys so dumb? I mean... seriously! Aaaah!

    Sorry. Calm now. Simon's an idiot but I can't wait to see their baby!

    1. haha, I know, right? Simon's got really crappy timing to suggest such a callous thing doesn't he!

      Eventually Emma's going to get fed up. I just hope he learns his lesson someday! :)

  2. It seems like Simon actually thinks he's being thoughtful and considerate. But he's a doofus. Which is good, because doofus Sims are fun to read about. XD

  3. Simon, Simon, Simon...

    Welp - I'm hoping that the "better" for these two isn't far off. And baby! YAY! Can't wait to see what the little bugger looks like. :)

    1. Good thing Emma's so good at not taking Simon so seriously!

  4. Simon really is much better with animals than with people, isn't he?

    1. Yes, he's better with the critters. It's Emma who has all the refined social skills. :)

  5. Simon! D:< Emma should slap that facial hair right off your face!

    1. haha his little jaw-line beard - so hipster ;)

  6. What the? That was such a bad bad suggestion from Simon, I'm surprised Emma didn't thump him for it!

    1. Yeah it was a pretty bad idea, no matter how good he thinks his intentions are to save money and help them survive. Like we said, he's a serious doofus. Emma's been holding it together for awhile now, lets hope she gets through the pregnancy without losing it the way Jazlyn did ... (more Parrott drama next) woo.

  7. Yay! For a baby! I love the pictures with Simon and his birds-- :)

  8. Simon, that was a fail of epic proportions. The cardinal should have pooped on him then.

    Excited to see the baby!

  9. Aw Simon. What a silly Sim-man. Also...the cardinal pooping on Simon was hysterical.