Generation Rolls

First Generation Rolls:

Marital Structure:  Second Chance
Number of Children:  Two Children
Primary Income:  Science
Secondary Income:  Farmer / Nectar Maker
Secondary Income (2nd Partner):  Equestrian
Generation Goal:  Living Green 
Miscellaneous Fun:  No Strangers

Generation One:   Simon Twist 

Traits:  Eco-Friendly, Animal Lover, Vegetarian, Frugal, Neurotic

His Wife:  Emma

Traits: Green Thumb, Vegetarian, Natural Cook, Snob, Social Butterfly

Simon's Second Wife: Sarah

Traits:  Equestrian, Frugal, Good, Heavy Sleeper, Over-Emotional


Second Generation Rolls:

Marital Structure: Single with Help
Number of Children: Two Children
Primary Income:  Adventurer
Secondary Income (Helper):  Business
Generation Goal:  Deadbeat Parents
Miscellaneous Fun: Live Your Trait

Generation Two Heir:  Isabel Twist

Traits: Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Genius, Adventurous, Commitment Issues

Here is a more detailed page regarding the rolls for Isabel if you would like to read up on what she will be challenged with for her generation.