Thursday, September 20, 2012

Generation 2 - Random Roll Results

Emma Twist (Secondary Founder) with Daughter Isabel

Just a short note to reveal the roll I got for the Twist Legacy Generation Two!

Marital Structure:  Single with Help

Your may not marry or move in a romantic partner. Instead move in a friend, sibling, cousin, etc. to help raise the children. The Sim you move in takes the secondary career; it's like playing the Couple roll, without romance. This 'helper' may have children of their own, but, like your sim, they may not marry or move in a partner (until halfway through the youngest child's teen stage, anyway; for more clarification on that, see Single Parent above). Any children the helper has counts toward the total number of children you rolled, provided that they grow up in your household, but their children cannot be the generation heir. So if you roll for one child, only your Sim may have a child in the house, but if you roll two children, your Sim can have 2 and the helper none, or they can have one each, etc.

All children in the house must live by that generation's rules. The helper may move out when the heir comes of age, but that is not required.

The option for a single parent to move in their romantic partner when the youngest child is halfway through their teen stage was a fairly recent addition. You may do this for the single parent and the helper as well, if you choose. Four older sims hanging around while the new generation takes over may be tough to manage, though, so keep in mind the option of moving the old generation out when the new one takes over... and the option of simply having the sims remain single/not living with their romantic interest, even after the restriction evaporates. It's all up to you!

Number of Children:  Two Children

Income: P:   Adventurer
             S:   Business

Generation Goal:      Deadbeat Parents

Opposite of Perfect Children. Do NOT potty train, teach to walk or teach to talk any toddlers. Do NOT read any toddler books to them. You must not be given the choice to choose any traits, apart from the first two, as they are a bit random and beyond your control. Keep in mind that for children and teenagers, school performance is the factor that determines your ability to choose the next trait.

Miscellaneous Fun:   Live Your Trait

Choose one of your heir's 5 traits to live by. The heir, starting at YA age, will have to do something every day that reflects this trait, and must fulfill any wishes that come up that are related to this trait, up to 5 wishes a day.


My Thoughts / Notes:

At first I was really disappointed with this roll as I got another "Expansion Pack" oriented career, and I've never done too much traveling as a career based option. But then I realized this is why the random legacy is so great ... its forcing me out of my comfort zone. Sure, I could re-roll it, as many who have WA can't stand vacations (I'm somewhat ambivalent about it) - but I'm going to stick with it!

The second biggest problem came when I realized I had rolled Deadbeat Parents, one of the rolls a lot of people wanted to vote out for good, but I agreed should be allowed to stay in as optional. Fortunately I think I have a somewhat barely sketched out story line that will work well with this roll due to the marital structure being Single with Help.  The 'helper' isn't really going to be that helpful since they can't really do much with the babies!

Lastly, I love the Live Your Trait roll and look forward to the challenge of figuring out how to get my heir to do five things every single day that reflects the chosen trait. Once I've revealed my heir, it will be interesting to see which trait becomes the chosen one!

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