Friday, August 31, 2012

1.2 - Cuddles and Cookbooks

Settling in.

Our cute little couple has arrived at their new cute little house and are excited to check out their new (cute) digs.

Simon goes to check out the back yard while Emma looks over the inside...

A tiny little living room with a bookcase, and, not much else ...

But hey, a real old fashioned wood fireplace!

An even tinier kitchen. About the same size as the one they had in their studio apartment.

But --  ugh! --  that ugly old wallpaper has GOT to GO!

"Quaint" is not the first word that comes to mind...

Upstairs, there's a little bare bones bedroom with an old antique brass bed.

"It'll have to do, I guess..."

Lets go see what Simon's found outside. 

Emma rounds the corner to see an odd sight - Simon's having a freak out moment ...

Simon thinking "Oh she's going to kill me for this one..."

Before Emma can even react, Simon blurts out ""I already know what you're going to say Emma, but we don't have money for new stuff ..."

That's when Emma sees what Simon's talking about and loses her cool.

"A skanky old washing machine - sitting outside. And a clothesline... seriously?!"

"This is like.... like... caveman days stuff Simon!  ... ugh!!"
(Simon points out that no, in fact, they did not have washing machines back then!!)

Emma realizes there's not going to be any getting around this one. They're flat broke. 

They sold everything they had to get here and Emma really pushed Simon into buying this house because of Kanoa's persuasive bargaining.

Simon had invested all their savings in this little place because she had wanted it and now she'd have to put up with this crappy setup.

They'd just have to make do...

Emma apologizes to Simon for blowing up and says she'll get used to the idea of doing laundry outside.

These two have suffered disagreements before about money and lifestyle. Emma's grown up a bit of a snob you see, but she's truly sorry and wants to embrace Simon's eco-friendly ideas.

They decide to set off to the library like they had previously planned.

.... On their 'retro' granny bikes.

(Simon, you look pretty dorky on that bike to be honest)

The library is only a few blocks away (as is pretty much everyting in this small town).

One thing about Appaloosa Plains... there are animals everywhere. Even the library has a horse hitching post for your favorite equestrian transportation needs!

Cat: "Dude, you left a big puddle back here, have some tact when at the library, maybe?"

Inside, the public library is completely packed. Apparently going to the library on a Sunday afternoon is absolutely the place to see and be seen around here...

True to "Country" stereotypes, Chuck Hobble is sporting the full getup.

The "locals" come in all flavors and types here in Appaloosa. Sporty beanie dude (Calvin Riffin) is a sports star of sorts for the Llamas, and Imogen Pelly is, well we're not sure - but she sure thinks highly of herself in mirror shades and maternity wear!

"Yer not from around here, are ya..."

Emma loves social attention, but the way everyone's staring at the 'new folks' is kinda creeping her out.

Bug-eyed cowboy kids and old ladies wearing really bad polyester. (Cornell Riffin and Vera Blackburn)

She asks the front desk where to find cooking and gardening instruction books. She's told they're upstairs in the children's book section. 

Uh, ok. That's odd.

This whole "Shabby Chic" look is going to take some getting used to here.

Finding the required books, Emma's ready to settle down with Simon for some quiet time and studying.

What an exciting way to spend your first day in a new town, right? 

After spending a few hours studying all sorts of books on fertilizers, pest control, organic cooking, food preservation and storage, etc., they decide to stretch their legs and walk across the street to one of the little local parks and meet some more crazy locals.

Old Hetty Lionheart, the crankiest crazy cat lady you'll ever meet. Looks like the cat wants to bury her in the litter box.

And here's Appaloosa's local budding rocker, Chandice - who thinks she's really something even though Emma's quite sure she's heard way better guitar playing in her circle of Simfest friends back in St. Claire...

Chandice does not seem to care about your new house Emma. She's giving you the duck face.

Simon has found a cute dog. He loves animals, its why he's studying to become a vet! The dog's collar says "Ralston" and Simon fusses over him and talks baby talk because of course animals love that, right?

Simon: "Aren't you the cutest wittle doggie woggie ... cute as a bug in a rug, why yes you are!"
Ralston: "Dude. Seriously. You shoulda let her take the cooking class, you tightwad."

Meanwhile, Emma has wandered over to the local grocery store which looks like it's right out of an old 50's movie. Well at least there's a coffee shop next door. 

Oh, and Jazlyn said you get a free packet of starter seeds when you turn in a coupon from the gardening book, so there's that!

"I'm going to start my veggie garden right away!"

Finally the big day of arrival has wound down to a close, and the couple returns to their new little home.

Simon checks the stove, all the windows, the faucets ... while Emma whips up some organic mac and cheese. Yum!

"I wonder how much is this thing going to cost to run every month..."

And then there's that odd habit of Simon's - staring anxiously out the window for awhile...

"Squirrel crossing? Really? Squirrels get crosswalks here??"

Since their boxes of stuff haven't arrived yet, there's not much to do after dinner but chat about their day while getting ready to tuck in for the night..

Simon makes up with Emma again, "It's been a stressful day Em, I'm sorry I got so uptight about money again. If you really want to take that cooking class, we can budget it in after I get my first paycheck."

"Ralston set me straight and said I was being a tightwad ..."

These two are like the epitome of Sim cuteness, are they not?

"Cuddles and Cookbooks" Awww.

And now for the kiss and make up part...

Pretty sure the kiss landed on the lips, not noses like usual...

Yeah yeah, we know what comes next!

"Wanna ... Woohoo?"

Heart Confetti and Bed covers dancing!

"Good Night Emma, I love you!"

"I love you too Simon ... but, um, honey ... Who's Ralston??"


Good Night you two crazy love birds.

Read on to Chapter 1.3 - "Putting Down Roots" HERE.



  1. Their opinions on the town are really funny. =)

    1. Yeah, the townies in Appaloosa are pretty goofy, but so far I find them far more charming than the natives of Sunset Valley and some of the other pre-made EA worlds. After sifting through numerous screenshots, I found the pattern of 'staring' to be too much to resist and had to put that in the story... seemed fitting for a small town. :)

  2. Dude, I love the captions you put under the pictures. And the commentaries from the cat and Ralston, jut hilarious.
    I'm really enjoying your blog. =D

    1. haha thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with the captions because lets face it, pretty much a majority of the random things sims do throughout their tiny short lives are pretty hilarious. Although I've read some super awesome drama stories with sims, I personally have a hard time keeping mine serious because they just do so many goofy things (and pets are even funnier). Love my simmies. <3

  3. I don't know where you come from, Simon, but in these here parts, squirrels have RIGHTS!

    I love Simon and Ralston's heart-to-heart. It made me laugh.

    Ah, poor Emma. I'm really hoping this doesn't turn out like that one episode of Law & Order where the eco-friendly husband freaks out when he catches his wife leaving a large carbon footprint...I doubt it will, as Ralston will be quick to tell Simon when he's overreacting. XD

    1. The animals seem to have more sensibilities than the sims in this town haha! Hopefully somebody gets Simon to come down off his paranoia trip, we'll see! The squirrel crossing sign cracked me up, I even took a picture of Emma standing next to it for her scrapbook ;)

  4. I love the AP townies, the Bird sisters and Zac Whipsnake, who really got around in my AP game.

    Very cute story/legacy! It's funny how both Simon and Emma are thinking about cook books there towards the end~~at least they can't take offense at each other. lol

    I like writing all kinds of sims stories, funny, drama, I even write a sims soap opera with self sims from Sims Asylum and Twallan's self sim. That has to be my favorite game there, the soap opera. Sims sure can be goofy! :)

    1. Nirar, I'd love to read your Sim soap opera, get me the link! And yes, sims are so goofy you just gotta roll with it!

  5. You're hilarious Envie! It's nice to read a story with some humor and wit to it, especially because some days I just need something to put a smile on my face. Loving your story so far and I can't wait to read more :D

    1. Yay, thanks! I'm glad it made you smile. Some days are funnier than others, depends on my own mood as well as where the story is. There will be some serious drama moments too, but I do enjoy writing humorous captions to the funny screenshots I get!

  6. I LOVED Simon and Ralston's conversation. I almost spat out the water I was drinking!

    1. I always wonder what pets would really say if they could talk. In the sim world, you get an idea of what they must be thinking at least haha!