Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1.1 - The Welcome Wagon

Simon and Emma stepped off the bus and immediately felt like they had stepped back in time.

"Welcome to Appaloosa Plains folks, have a nice stay!" said the bus driver in a twangy voice before pulling the double doors shut and driving off.

This was definitely a small town, almost deserted this early in the morning.

Yep, there's the wagon! (Out front of the Historic Society Building)

The couple walked across the street to check out a historic covered wagon and read about Appaloosa's colorful frontier settlers.

"This is pretty cool. We're like pioneers in a new land too... well, kinda..."

"I guess we'd better head over to the Parrott's place and meet them. They have the keys to the house and are expecting us" said a rather bored Emma. She'd rather go see their new place and meet up with their new neighbors.

The Parrotts, Kanoa specifically, was the old college pal Emma had looked up when they got the news about moving to Appaloosa Plains. She hadn't seen him for many years and he was a pretty wild guy back then, having come from Hawaii to major in business trading. Emma being a social butterfly, had attended a couple of his crazy parties but didn't really know a lot about him.

As luck would have it, Kanoa said there was a small empty 'guest house' attached to the unused horse pasture next to their house. It was part of their original farmstead but they were trying to sell it off. He would give them a 'super fly deal' on it if they wanted to fix the place up.

They laughed as they arrived in front of the Parrott's House on Bob-o-link Drive (what a name) to see this crazy "flock" out front...

The "Welcome Committee"

"Are you sure about this guy Emma?" Simon could see Kanoa in the front room, dancing to some super loud hip hop music and his usual worries started up again. Emma reassured him that Kanoa was cool, just a little wild and apparently still was from their college days.

"C'mon Simon, we can't back out now, we have to meet our new neighbors and they own the house we're staying in!"

(Sidenote: Emma got a cute haircut before they left St. Claire and was wearing it in pigtails hoping to "fit in" with the new town folk) 

So they rang the bell...

A rather sweaty Kanoa, wearing shades and a loud Hawaiian shirt, greeted them at the door ...

"Hey wassup people! C'mon in, I was just finishing my dance workout... lemme turn off the stereo"

Kanoa's wife and son came downstairs when they heard the doorbell.

Ethan and Jazlyn Parrott

The two spouses met and got to know one another...

Ah those awkward formality moments...

Emma learned that Jazlyn was expecting their second child, and explained that they had been waiting on starting a family due to Simon's extended biology schooling and having little money living in a cramped studio in the city.

"Yeah well be careful, there's something in the water here that makes women get preggers fast!"

... Emma looked a little stunned. She hoped Jazlyn was just kidding.

Jazlyn invited Emma into the family room to talk, and to gossip. Apparently that's the thing to do in a small town.

"Is it possible to grow a garden here and make a living?"

Emma explains to Jazlyn that they were intending to grow their own food and she wanted to make some money selling the extra produce.

"I worked at a flower shop and nursery so I have some basic skills but have never grown vegetables"

Jazlyn says that should be no problem at all in a country town like this, folks love to buy up organically local grown fruits and veggies!

"In fact, I happen to work at the local grocer's and can ask the manager about buying your stuff"

Meanwhile, the men were also meeting and getting to know one another...

"Hey man, welcome to town. If I didn't hit the city once a week, I'd probably go crazy here"

Simon asked Kanoa what he did for a living that took him away to the cities so often. Kanoa explained that he was into "Sales and overseas trading and shit like that" which seemed vague but Simon wasn't about to ask for more details.

Clearly a big talker, and a big spender from the looks of their fancy house...

Simon tried to impress Kanoa by launching into one of his conspiracy theories about the space program.

"It's all about power and politics and space suits!"

And then he told Kanoa all about his studies and herpetology which Kanoa feigned interest about...

"The rare yellow tailed rattlesnake is supposedly found right here in Appaloosa Plains!"

But Kanoa doesn't care about that, he just wants a party everyday with lots of dancing and fun, which this town is desperately short on in his opinion...

(Wow Simon, way to be obvious you're not interested in that, you nerd)

Finally Kanoa explains that living in a little town like this was a real drag, especially in his fast paced line of work, but it kept the Feds off his tail.

"Uh, yeah... I'm doing some side work here, layin' low, y'know what I mean?"

Then, surprisingly, Kanoa asks Simon if he's interested in getting in on a deal with him on shipping some Llamas down across the border...

"Hey dude, you're like, into animals and stuff, right?"

But Simon's creeped out by Kanoa's weird plans. Apparently only his own neurotic ideas are good ones...

"Uh, NO. Err, thanks but no thanks - I don't mess with risky investments..."

Kanoa cut things short at that point and dug the keys to the guest house out of his pocket and handed them over to Simon rather dismissively, explaining with a smirk that they could find their way out to the place, it was next door in the overgrown cow pasture...

So, Simon pulled Emma away from her gardening discussion with Jazlyn and said it was time for them to go. Emma was getting along a lot better with Jazlyn than Simon had with Kanoa, but said her goodbyes. Jazlyn promised to call her about the grocery deal, and Emma promised to stop by often so they could chat.

After they left, Emma excitedly asks Simon about taking a  local cooking class Jazlyn had told her about

She could clearly see Simon was in one of his 'worrying' moods and apparently talking to Kanoa hadn't helped.

Emma thinks: "Here we go again..."

"Honey, remember ... we agreed not to spend any simoleons on frivolous spending here in our new life. Especially since we're just getting here and settling in and I don't even have a paycheck coming in yet..."

"Yes, yes... of course dear, I know, I know..."

Simon reminds Emma that she had said she would check out some cook books and instructional guides from the library. Maybe they could go there together after they check out their new place?

"A cookbook... yeah. Ok. Right."

Emma's trying to keep her patience, which is hard when Simon gets on one of his frugality kicks. But its only their first day here, so she doesn't want to argue.

"Ok, ok Simon, I'll read some cookbooks. Maybe we can explore the town and meet some new people too!"

Simon nods and smiles. "Now lets go see this new house of ours!" (He's hoping its good since they'd spent all of their savings on it and were now completely broke)

They walked hand in hand down a little path through the 'cow pasture' Kanoa had described attached to his property. It was actually just a small field with wildflowers and a hayloft, and very charming.

And there, sitting quietly at the far end, was the cutest little bungalow style cottage...

A 1930's era shaker sided "bungalow"

What could be more charming than this?

Welcome Home Simon and Emma Twist!

Cuteness Overload!

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  1. AAAAW okay that really is cuteness overload. Kanoa might just be my favourite Appaloosa Plains local ever so I'm glad you introduced him into your legacy.

    Glad they seem to be settling in nicely.

    1. Yeah I really got a kick out of Kanoa's little biography and decided he was definitely a colorful character that needed a place in the otherwise somewhat mild mannered lives of these two little hipsters from the city. It also worked out nicely that the field next to his house could hold my 'bungalow' which is a little house I've been dying to use in some way but never had a great setting for it until now. :)

    2. PS: I'm still working my way through your original legacies, so it will be awhile before I'm up to your Sari Legacy, haha! I love your sense of humor and dry sarcasm. It's somewhat how I also view the Sims and all their silliness (which makes me love them like tiny humanoid pets). <3

  2. That was a hilarious opening chapter. And I love your bungalow, it's just adorable.

    1. Thanks! It's actually not my build, though I did pattern several of my simbot houses after the same tiny 10x10 frame and porch. I've had it in my collection so long I can't even find the builder on the Exchange anymore. I think I downloaded it two years ago. :) I love bungalows, especially the Mission style woodworking and stuff. :)

      PS: Your story is so pro beautiful btw, I'll eventually get through all these different stories everyone has haha!

  3. The house is absolutely gorgeous! I love the way Simon and Kanoa so obviously didn't get on but were too polite to say so

    1. I predict some conflict between Kanoa and Simon coming... but I don't want to pre-design the plot any more than I already have to according to the rules of the random rolls, so I will let nature take its course here haha.

  4. I LOVED the welcome committee. I agree with the others, the house is adorable. You're off to a great start, I really am enjoying your legacy so far!

    1. Thank you Hayley! I'm trying to read everyone's legacies in bits and pieces, so if you've got one I'll check it out! I enjoy everyone's different takes on how to portray their characters through the stories they write. =)

    2. I know what you mean, I keep a bookmark folder for everybody's legacies! I'm hjaxon over at Mod the Sims and I just started my random legacy, the Tudor Legacy, in June, so I haven't gotten terribly far yet. If you want to read it, it's here:

    3. Hayley, thanks for the link, I will read yours and get caught up asap! Took me two weeks to get moved to my new place with working internet for my game PC! I absolutely love you are using historical Queen Elizabeth as the model haha - one of my all time favorite royalty figures!

  5. Neat house! Kanoa and Simon together was nonstop laughs.

    (I love anything with my name in it XD)

    1. haha I love your name too! Emma puts up with a lot from Simon you'll see, as the story goes along. :)

  7. Simon and Emma are a cute couple! :) They are off to a good start---they even have a cute house! I always pauper my poor sims by building a big house and then barely furnishing it. lol

    1. Yeah its surprising that this house still falls in the starter range for a couple because its so cute, but the fact is its really tiny inside and they literally had 200 simoleons leftover after they bought it, haha... that's why Simon's frugal trait is going crazy - they are broke!

  8. Aw! You weren't kidding, super cuteness overload :) Simon and Emma are adorable! And I absolutely adore their little cottage. Do you happen to have it up on the exchange? I'd love to add it to my game :D

    1. I have not been able to upload to the exchange in about a year now. I may start a mediafire account as I have a lot of stuff I'd love to share once I do start making more stories and get further along in the legacy. I'll happily share it then!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks - its so adorable. However ... I am learning that playing a 'micro' house (anything about 10x10 size is a pathing nightmare for more than one or two sims haha. Now that I have both adults, a toddler and a dog... things are getting ridiculous, so I may have to move them eventually. Tiny houses are really only made for one sim. But this one has such detail, and was so fitting, I could not resist. :)