Thursday, October 11, 2012

1.17 - Growing Pains

Things have been moving along at a rapid pace in the new "Twist Family v.2.0" and everyone's experiencing a few growing pains along the way.

Sarah broke the news to her parents, who seem to care more about valuable horses than their 5 children. At least Sarah's Dad was happy for her, but her Mom refused to speak to her for marrying someone beneath her quality requirements.

"Congratulations Sarah, *ahem* ... we're happy for you ..."

And Simon had a slight panic attack the day he and Sarah went down to the courthouse to tie the knot, but managed to hold it together and get through the moment without freaking out.

(Simon, she's not a monster, go to the door and greet your 'bride-to-be' haha!)

The decision was made (against Isabel's vote) to sell the cute little bungalow and use the money to renovate Sarah's little house down in the valley because it has a field for her racing horse and is bigger and better suited for a family with pets, if not as charming as their previous house.

The boring little 'sunflower shack' as Isabel dubs it.

Simon insisted on highly 'green living' energy efficient siding and roofing. (aka ugly-gray-stuff)

Several weeks of extensive renovations to create a second floor resulted in this somewhat boring looking house:

Well at least Isabel got the camping tent she requested since she lost her treehouse in the move!

They did splurge on a nice big room for Isabel with plenty of room for her pet dragon and to expand her dig-site collections. But, Isabel was having some 'adjustment issues' with the move, marriage and pending sibling arrival.

Deinonychus Ruberus goes on the ATTACK!! 

The next prank Isabel would pull could have ended very, very badly ...

"And now to locate the victim ..."

Sarah was easily convinced.

"What's this, a drink for me? Oh thank you Isabel. I was thirsty after grooming Moonshadow all morning, how sweet!"

Uh oh.

"Uh yeah, just a drink of juice ..."



"Ooo I feel a little funny ..."
But ...

Nothing happened.

"Back to the drawing board - time to study advanced chemistry"
(Isabel doesn't realize pregnant sims are immune to potions)

Simon celebrated his birthday into his middle years quietly at home that night with Sarah cheering him on.

"I suddenly feel... like having a  mid-life crisis!"

But then, something DID happen ...

Isabel thinking "Uh, that was an unexpectedly delayed reaction ..."

Fortunately for Isabel, it was just Sarah going into labor, apparently at the right time and nothing weird, but Isabel still felt somewhat terrified her potion had done something horrible to cause it.

She had to spend all night and part of the next day at the Barnes house, enduring strange looks from Bethany and Anna which only furthered Isabel's paranoia that she'd killed Sarah somehow.

Feeling very small and nervous in the Barnes very large house.

It was better to just be outside. At least there she could breathe and daydream and try not to worry.

She spent the next morning waiting impatiently for her Dad to show up.

"I wish I was a million miles away right now."

Finally Melody called Isabel inside to give her the news ...

"Your Dad and Sarah are on their way home now, you have a brand new healthy baby brother!"

Isabel raced home on her bike, relieved beyond words to know her potion hadn't done anything terrible.

She inspected the little blue blanket wrapped bundle of wrinkles and red splotches. He seemed like a normal newborn animal to her ...

"What if the potion turned him into a vampire or something?!"

But no. Nathan was just a normal baby who cried and stunk like poo all the time.

Isabel spent most of her time in her tent or outside - as much as possible.

But occasionally she still gave it a try to scare Sarah away ...


And Isabel argued with Sarah any chance she could - even over taking the garbage out.

"It stinks like nasty baby diapers!!"

But it was Sarah's beautiful, sweet horse Moonshadow who had the ability to calm Isabel down and bring one thing in common between Sarah and angry little Isabel.

"Oooo she's so pretty, can I pet her?"

It was Simon who finally had to have 'the talk' with Isabel over a well deserved win at the chess table.

He gently and persistently reminded Isabel that because he loved Sarah, and married her, it was important to him that Isabel give her a chance and stop misbehaving so much. He asked her to do it for him.

"Oh - well played checkmate Isabel. Now please be as good as you are smart for me, deal?"

Isabel wanted most of all to please her Dad, and so she agreed to let up on Sarah. Simon was sure to spend extra time with her so she had no lingering resentments. The best time of all was when Dad read her bedtime stories. Ever since she was a baby, fantasy adventure tales had been her favorites!

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say."
 And tomorrow, sweet Isabel, you embark upon a new journey too. Your birthday has come.

"Good night dear Isabel. Sweet Dreams"

The next morning, it was her best friend who woke her to face this new adventure.

"Cupid, why are you waking me up so early on a Saturday?!"

Rise and shine birthday girl.

"Oh, its my birthday today!"

Isabel takes a minute to reassure Cupid that he's still her number one best friend forever.

"Don't worry boy, I'm not going to leave you behind!"

But then, bad news had to go and ruin her birthday party anyways.

Sarah's sister Stacy showed up to let her know that their Mother had passed away in the night.

Isabel overheard the news and suddenly felt pretty bad for Sarah.

They went on with the party as Sarah left to be with her family.

"I wish Katie Lanson would never wear those horrible red shoes with a purple shirt ever again."

And once again that funny tickle thing happened.

"Wooooah!! ...."

And Isabel Twist became a rather unusual looking teenage girl. Her Dad says she favors the petite features of his family's side but with her Mom's pretty coloring. Her school mates at the party just call her "Dizzy Izzy" - who knows why?

Isabel the awkward teenager.

Well at least one person who came to the party had something nice to say.

At least, painfully shy Isabel thought it must be a compliment.

"Hi Isabel, thank you for inviting me to your party. I think you're as pretty as a fairy"

Isabel gained the "Adventurous" trait for being an honor student all through school. As if there was any doubt in anyone's mind. =)

Tune in next time for more "Adventures of Dizzy Izzy"


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  1. What on earth are you talking about? O_o I think Isabel looks great! She's just beautiful!

    I'm happy she's at least giving Sarah a chance. I'm sure they'd get along if they tried. Poor Izzy.

    1. Aww thanks CeCe ... she did turn out ok I think. I had to fix her a little because she had an impossibly tiny nose, hardly any chin and tiny eyes. I only made them more proportionate to her face - the rest is natural from her Mom I think. Maybe from looking at her too long in CAS she seems odd to me haha.

      Her eensy weensy nose does look pretty funny in some of the screenshots I didn't use though. It's the angle of the shots!

      Just going for self-consciousness on her part I guess. =)

  2. Dizzy Izzy, cute nickname! That shirt of hers makes me dizzy! lol :P

    I think Isabel turned out really nice, she reminds me somewhat of Uma Thurman. Uma is not a Christie Brinkley type of beauty, but she is still beautiful!

    I really enjoyed this chapter, I like how you captured the essence of childhood in it. From Isabel's reactions to the new step mother, move, new baby brother, having to do chores, camping in her tent, her Dad reading to her, time with her best friend, Cupid---it was all lovely!

    I can't wait to read about her adventures! :)

    1. Thank you Nirar! =) I had fun playing her up to teenager and with the move to a new house, there was plenty of opportunity for mischief and emotions that seem like normal growing pains for little kids whose lives are changing. I experienced a few of these as a kid. <3

  3. I like her as a teen, I would love to play with her in CAS and make her a fairy XD

    1. She does have quite fairy-like features - very delicate and impish. Maybe I'll upload her to share :) - I like Nirar's comment that she looks a bit like Uma Thurman - good comparison of more nontraditional pretty looks.

  4. Isabel is lovely; I love those steel eyes and those cheekbones! I'm also willing to bet that she hasn't outgrown pranks altogether just yet!

    1. No, I'm quite certain the pranks will continue as a teen, but you never know how much they'll change and Isabel's always been a little advanced for her age so perhaps we'll see an entirely different side now!

  5. I think Isabel looks lovely as a teen

    1. Thanks Ali! Everyone's got such nice things to say about her looks, I'm glad her 'pixie-like' features turned out ok afterall haha.

  6. Lord of the Rings - good choice, Isabel!

    I think she's beautiful as a teen! I hope she can develop a better relationship with Sarah and Nathan, though.

    Looking forward to seeing the adventures of teenage Dizzy Izzy!

    1. Sarah's Mom just died, so she's not going to be in a good way for awhile. They didn't have a good relationship anyways (which is actually something Isabel now has in common with Sarah). Hopefully Nathan will unite the family as the common bond.

  7. Aw she's cute. I'm glad she wasn't too much of a terror to Sarah. Personally, I think she looks like Taylor Swift.

    1. aww thanks, Taylor Swift is a cutie. It's the nose! haha. Sarah's pretty patient and easy going. We'll see what develops next.

  8. Isabel grew up lovely.
    I'm glad Simon had the talk with her, he's a great dad to find a way to work it out between Isabel and Sarah.

    Now that she's finished LoTR, she can move on to GoT, lol.

    1. Definitely GoT for adventurous and brutally intelligent Isabel haha!